We provide access to benefit plans that most small businesses cannot access or afford on their own.  We also simplify the entire process with technology that makes administering benefits easier.

Planning work
Benefits Enrollment

Web-based workflow for planning, executing and managing open enrollment programs including new hires.

401(k) Retirement Plan

A simple solution for offering a retirement plan.

Benefits Integrated With Payroll

We help you accurately manage benefits and provide the tracking, calculations and reporting to comply with ACA requirements.


We will help you get compliant and stay that way.  We focus our energy on compliance so you can focus on your business strategy.

We Make It Easier For Business Leaders To Build A Great Business.

Most business leaders spend lots of time and energy on costly HR tasks they don’t enjoy doing, so we created a platform that simplifies HR, streamlines payroll, and provides Fortune 500 level employee benefits. 

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